How to Get the Most Out of Free Phone Chats

How to Get the Most Out of Free Phone ChatsWhen you hear the word free phone chats, sure enough, the application WhatsApp and other popular apps nowadays will come into your mind. Since you are using it for free, here are the following tips that can help you get the most out of the offered free phone chat.

Directly tag people
If you are trying to speak to someone in group chats, you should tag the person directly by using “@” before his/her name. In that way, that particular person will be able to view and prevent from missing your message because a notification will be sent thereafter.

Command Siri in utilizing the application
For IOS users, you can actually command Siri when it comes to answering the calls, sending a text message, and even making a call. It can be very convenient especially if you are driving because you only use your voice in answering and making calls. It’s like multi-tasking while driving.

Discover other feature
The application, sure enough, will not only focus on sending messages and offering chat boxes. Make sure that you check out all the features because most of the applications nowadays are offering the ‘mic’ button to let you speak even while you are chatting. That would help you to avoid long messages that will bore you out and to make your conversation more interesting.

Create shortcuts
If you have an important person you are talking right now and you seem to be waiting for his reply, then you should consider creating a shortcut of the conversation on that specific person on your home screen. In that way, you will not take time looking for your message thread. All you need to do is to tap that shortcut and you will be directed to your conversation.

Use appropriate style
There are some features in which it would let you bold, italicize, and underline your words so that you can put on emphasis on some phrases and make your message more comprehensive and meaningful.
Make sure that you try out the aforementioned tips so that it using the application would be more convenient to you. Take advantage of the free phone chats that are being offered and get the most out of it by being a smart user. If you tend to utilize it properly, you could save yourself from having to reload just to make calls and messages with your smartphone.